Common Problem

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How to apply for a simulation account?

Click on the "file" menu, click "open new simulation account".

Then according to the window of the format requirements of the prompt, enter the corresponding information can be.

The account type column, select the AUDRN-Demo. "Multiple transaction", "deposit amount" please default.

Click play hook selection "I have read and accept privacy policy" and "I agree with receiving company issued by email", you can complete the module simulation account to apply for registration.

How do I see all the trading products that your company offers?

In the market quotation window, right click and select "show all", you can view all currencies can be traded.

All the trading varieties appear.

Specific transaction code corresponding to the product name, please click here to check.

I've downloaded the trading platform. How can you log on to a real account?

Customer success open account, the system will send mail to trading account and password will be sent to your registered email address.

You only need to use the account number and password to log into the trading platform, in server selection "AUDRN-Live", you can log on real accounts.

How to change the trading platform of the transaction password?

To change the real account transaction password, please login trading software.

In the navigation bar of the tool to select options, click on the change in the pop-up dialog box to enter the original password and new password to modify.

How to insert a chart index?

Operate according to the following steps:
1. on the top menu bar, select Insert > technical index";

2. you can also insert the technical index from the "navigation" section ".

How do I create a trend line and other lines of research?

Please proceed to the following steps:
1. in the top menu bar, select "insert"";
2. select the desired trend line;
3. release the mouse button, the image icon will appear with a crosshair selected trend line. Use the mouse to select the crosshair on the chart. Click the mouse, press and hold down to move the mouse to adjust the size of the trend line. The shortcut of the line research can also be accessed by clicking the "Browse" > toolbar > "line research", so that the icon is just under the menu bar. You can also choose other options at the top of the screen, including click on the trend line, crosshair, Fibonacci retracements and so on.

Do trading platforms have user guides?

Yes, choose "help" on the platform ".

What is the time zone on the trading platform?

Customers in the trading platform to see the time for the Greenwich standard time (GMT+2), 6 hours later than Beijing time.

How to choose to use language on the trading software?

On the top menu bar, select View - >languages - Simplified (>chinese), and then restart the trading software, the display language is the Chinese interface.