Capital Security

AUDRN LIMITED has consistently abide by the laws and regulations of regulatory authorities, to provide regular financial reports to regulatory authorities, strict supervision and standardize management, has been maintaining flawless record, and promised to provide a transparent, impartial and speedy transaction services to clients.

1, Strict financial reporting

AUDRN LIMITED always abide by the regulatory agencies to implement the strict financial reporting, as required to hand over financial reporting ASIC and ready to accept the regulatory audit. All business in strict compliance with laws and regulations, shall not carry out any possible damage to customer interests.

2,  International famous bank accounts

AUDRN LIMITED All funds provided by the customer are stored in a very safe and have the top creditworthiness of financial institutions, which is to ensure that our clients' funds.

3, Separation  and  storage of  funds

The exclusive customer margin account with complete separation of company funds only for the purpose for the transaction can not be diverted to other uses, such accounts by ASIC strict supervision. Accordingly, any other person or institution can not withdraw funds from your trading account.

4, Prefect risk management system

AUDRN LIMITED has a sound risk management system, and continue to identify, assess, monitor the various risks associated with the operation to ensure that whenever the company has the ability to meet financial needs and capital requirements.

5, Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance -AUDRN LIMITED currently has international professional liability insurance, by a total of 200 million Australian dollars of insurance money for the protection of any claims the customer may have.