Select foreign exchange speculation positioning and very short-term period  [2012/8/21]

Give yourself a good positioning and conduct foreign exchange speculation before choosing the operating cycle. It's like the same for their own tailor-made clothes, Only to find out their proportion in order to make their own clothes, To achieve the goal of forex trading profits too. 

Before foreign exchange speculation certain to make sure it is a day trader (Ultra short-term) Or short-term traders (Positions overnight, Two to three days), Midline Trader. After determining positioning, reference period should be used and for their own position.

Ultra short-term: This practice is not a long time positions, I certainly would not choose a long period as a primary reference standard. Fifteen minutes is generally used as the main reference period. And one hour for the direction of the trend cycle, five minutes for the reference period approach. This approach is the use of small obey large resonance cycle approach. Homeopathy is not a single contrarian, One hour to the main direction, the main direction of the reference period must be consistent with the long direction of the cycle. Want to get a good entry point to go in resonance cycle approach.

Own position must be determined prior to conduct foreign exchange speculation, Then select the appropriate cycle parameters analyzed, This is a very important step transaction. Investors do not skip one step to deal directly.

Festival  [2012/8/17]

January 1                 New Years Day

February 12              Lincolns Birthday

February 14              Valentine's Day

February 18              Washingtons Birthday

March 17                    St. Patricks Day

April 1                         All Fools Day

April *** Day            Friday before Easter   Christian festival

April *** Day            Easter ( Generally refers to the first Sunday after the full moon spring equinox)

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November 1               Halloween

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December 25            Christmas