Forex market is the world's most traded market, trading 24 hours a day

Continuous trading opportunities, because the value of currencies are always fluctuating

Low spreads, reflecting the flow of real-time status Click to view the currency pair real-time quotes table spread       

Flexibility to choose leverage up to 400: 1

24 hours opening from Sunday 22:00 GMT to Friday between 22:00. Begins every day in Sydney, then Tokyo market, London and New York markets opened in turn.    

Global foreign exchange market daily trading volume comes from two parts:    

Foreign trade (5%). After the business of other countries to buy or sell goods outside the country, the national currency and then converted back into profit generated.   

Profit for the purpose of speculative trading (95%).  

Currency: the major currency pairs, non-major currency pairs and cross currency pair (crosses)    

Currency pairs are divided into three categories: 
Major currency pairs: refers to the largest trading volume, the most rapid circulation of currency pairs, such as the euro / dollar (EUR / USD). 

Currency trading for less: that commodity currencies such as the Australian dollar / US dollar (AUD / USD) and the Nordic currencies.

Cross currency pair (crosses): refers to the currency of the two currencies are non-US dollar currency pair.

Forex Products.

Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称
AUD/USD 澳元/美元 EUR/USD 欧元/美元 GBP/USD 英镑/美元
NZD/USD 纽元/美元 USD/CHF 美元/瑞郎 USD/CAD 美元/加元
USD/JPY 美元/日元 USD/HKD 美元/港元 AUD/NZD 澳元/纽元
AUD/CAD 澳元/加元 AUD/CHF 澳元/瑞郎 AUD/JPY 澳元/日元
CHF/JPY 瑞郎/日元 EUR/GBP 欧元/英镑 EUR/AUD 欧元/澳元
EUR/CHF 欧元/瑞郎 EUR/JPY 欧元/日元 EUR/NZD 欧元/纽元
EUR/CAD 欧元/加元 GBP/CHF 英镑/瑞郎 GBP/AUD 英镑/澳元
GBP/JPY 英镑/日元 GBP/CAD 英镑/加元 CAD/CHF 加元/瑞郎
CAD/JPY 加元/日元 NZD/JPY 纽元/日元