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Multi-system compatible. PC, Android and IOS version.

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Standard PC version

Audrn Meta Trader 4 desktop Edition provides you with the most important tools and resources to analyze the market, to help you achieve the desired return.In addition to the most advanced terminal, more background reporting capabilities, the configuration is very perfect.  

System configuration requirements:

Web:  IE5.01 or higher version, Firefox, Safari, Chrome    

Network: 56 kbps   

System: CPU: > 1GHZ,

Memory: > 512MB,

Operating :Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista,

Resolving power: 1024*768 above (recommend 1280*1024)

Audrn Meta Trader 4 Desktop version features: Orders, positions, net worth, and online management systems    ·  

Real time quotation of trading products,  Multi time chart,  Online news,  Instant Report 

How to uninstall the MT4 standard PC version:

1. Select start menu.

2. Find application name.

3. Click and find the uninstall option.

For Android

Our Meta Trader Audrn 4 platform also supports Android mobile applications. No matter where you are, you can access your account and order in real time by trading on your Android device.

File size: 1.50MB  

Applicable firmware: Android2.2 and above 

How to uninstall Android trading platform:

1. Open the phone's "options" or "settings", find "Program" or "application" to the menu". 
2.Select the application you want to remove.     

3. Press the button, or open the menu, select "uninstall", "delete" or "remove" option.

For iphone/ipad (ios)

Installation Auden Metatrader 4 iPhone and iPad mobile application, you can analyze directly on the iPhone and iPad charts, view real-time buy and sell quotes and orders directly. 
How to uninstall iPhone/iPad applications:

1. Hold your finger on the application flag or any other sign that you want to uninstall until the flag on the main display begins to shake or shake.(and move or adjust the flag on the main display).

2. Click on the top left corner of the application flag you want to remove“x".

3. Remove application from iTunes application option iPhone/iPad and Android system phones are also available in the【Google Play】search Meta Trader 4 download and install.