Index is one kind of indicators show, for information, share price movements prepared by the stock exchange or financial services institutions.

Since the stock price fluctuations uncertain, investors will inevitably face market price risk.

For specific price changes in a particular stock, investors are easy to understand. For a variety of price changes in the stock, one by one to find out, is neither easy nor troublesome.

To accommodate this situation and need some financial services institutions use their business knowledge and be familiar with the advantages of the market, the preparation of the stock price index, publicly, as indicators of changes in market prices.

Accordingly, investors can test the effect of their investments, and to predict stock market movements.

At the same time, the press, the company owner and even political leaders, also as a reference index, to observe, predict the social, political and economic developments.

Index Products.

Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称
UK100 英国100指数 HK40 香港40指数 ESTX50 欧洲50指数
SPX500 标普500指数 GER30 德国30指数 FRA40 法国40指数
AUS200 澳大利亚200指数 JPN225 日本225指数 US30 美国30指数
NAS100 纳斯达克100指数