Noble Metal.

As a longer-term investment products, trading and holding physical precious metals in recent years, individual investors are very popular.

For shorter-term investments, derivatives transactions and exchanges related contracts is a more simple, lower trade barriers, which allows you to lower price volatility in capital investment to grasp the opportunity.

· Up to 400: 1 leverage    

· Speculation, hedging, portfolio risk diversification   
· Can do more, but also short; support for multiple currencies, such as the dollar, Australian dollar, British pound and the euro    

· Rapid flow is affected by many factors, it can be considered an alternative to foreign exchange trading products


Gold, unlike most commodities, it is not by the level of production and consumption dominate - by far the majority of gold mines can continue mining, and can re-enter the gold market.

Thus, the price of gold tends to be swayed by political events, become turbulent times a hedging tool. 


Silver as a precious metal, an irreplaceable feature in large-scale industrial applications and making jewelry, silver products on.

Due to being widely used in the electronics industry and used as a photosensitive material, its price is more volatile compared to many other metals.

Main Noble Metal Products.

Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称
XAU/USD 黄金/美元 XAG/USD 白银/美元 XAU/EUR 黄金/欧元