How to infer the future economic situation of foreign exchange  [2013/6/11]

We will make an analysis of the market before the foreign exchange transactions, including the technical side of course, including the basic level of. In the analysis of the fundamentals of the foreign exchange transactions are more important to the economic situation of the inference.

1. The development and change of economic phenomena in foreign exchange transactions is continuous. From the whole process of any economic phenomenon, the development of the various stages of coherence, today's situation is evolved from yesterday, tomorrow is today the results of the development of today. Therefore, the analysis of the status quo is based on the summary of the past, and the future situation of the forecast must also be based on the analysis of the present. In fact, not only is the analysis of economic data is such, to foreign exchange trend analysis is such and trend of the reason sometimes have laws to speak because we can before the law to make a reasonable understanding and summary.

2, a variety of economic phenomena are interrelated. The emergence, development and extinction of any economic phenomenon will not be a completely independent process, but the result of a variety of factors. Therefore, the prediction of the possible changes in an economic phenomenon can not be limited to only consider the phenomenon itself, but from various angles, to grasp the law of its change. Of course, this does not mean that all kinds of factors must be treated equally, because in these factors always play a leading role in the analysis and prediction of the focus should be placed on these factors.    

The importance of foreign exchange transactions is to make reasonable judgments based on the analysis of transactions. This is a very important factor. Investors' sense of reason can sometimes overcome many other negative factors and will lead to the success of the transaction, but it is not clear thinking will destroy a good deal.

The transaction processing mode under the form of foreign exchange market  [2012/8/16]

The foreign exchange market is constantly changing, the characteristics of this kind of change will determine the different forms of its own, transaction modes in different market performance should also be different.

 1, if the foreign exchange market and the emergence of new all-time highs holdings, then this unusual phenomenon suggested strongly that there will be far more than the previous high point of the movement. In the new all-time highs to sell is probably the worst error committed by amateur traders. To avoid this problem as much as possible.    

2, in the vicinity of the high-end foreign exchange market trading range appears narrow market consolidation is long form. Similarly, in the vicinity of the lower end of the narrow trading range appears to consolidate the short form.    

3, when the foreign exchange market in a narrow trading range continued into the breakthrough, and set the stop-loss order consolidation area in the far side.    

4.Lasted for 1-2 weeks or longer breakthrough consolidation area, is one of the most reliable technical indicators indicate a trend emerging.    

5. A five-above the foreign exchange trading market rules and common manifestation is particularly useful: If on top of a previous long or wide trading range is formed under the flag or pennant, and that is fairly reliable consolidation form.    

Investors should make corresponding adjustments or direction of investment strategies according to changes in the foreign exchange market, we can not always stuck in one mode unable to extricate themselves

How to choose financial products  [2012/8/16]

Nvestors in foreign exchange trading and is not merely a kind of financial products, sometimes is a variety of ways at the same time, traders provide the platform personally trading only one method, and many investors will choose related investment in the bank, we look at how to choose.    

1.choose a forex investment banks see the brand. Bank foreign exchange financing products launched a financial derivatives business, banks are now qualified to get this business still few in number.

2, look at the bank management experience in currency trading. Here mainly to see the foreign exchange operations experience and the maturity of the bank's products, operating more mature financial products proved better market prospects.

3, look at the yield. Some foreign exchange financial products called "first-year rate of return of 7%", in fact, carefully study the terms of the product will find that this is misleading, so investors when making judgments to polish their own eyes.    

Then to see period.

Nowadays a lot of foreign exchange products longer term, once the customer in the investment period in urgent need of money more passive. Investors in the choice of a specific foreign exchange financing products the best choice when those short-term products, so there are both flexible and better profitability, they want money, when the money will be more convenient.   

Forex trading varieties and the selection process investors to own rational planning, do not blindly follow the trend, financial investment is extremely individual characteristics, investors do not use someone else's standards to make a decision.