Company Profile

AUDRN LIMITED, is the world's leading financial services group, has a professional, high-quality technical development team, the accumulated years of experience, to provide investors with stable and powerful online trading platform, websites, PC trading systems, mobile professional development art mobile trading system has a very rich experience and trading system on the basis of the original development of a number of important functions. So that investors can be a desktop client, mobile client and other ways to expand trading transactions anywhere on the same platform, enjoy the fun of the transaction.

As a leading financial trading services provider focused on the continuous 24-hour online forex and CFD trading for customers worldwide. Audrn Group always abide by the values: to provide no less favorable than the professional interbank traders professional standards and benefits for all traders. Our group of partners throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, handling more than 1.5 million monthly transactions.

AUDRN Group,the company is committed to the process of financial derivatives trading business, for the majority of investors comprising foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, CFDs and other trading products. Audrn Limited aims for global investors to build a world-class financial services platform and provide advanced technical support and guaranteed reliable customer service.

Our market range

Thousands of our group in the global market has always been very competitive trading products, covering index, stock, currency, commodity and bond interest rates varieties; now available in 26 currency pairs forex trading and contain precious metals, crude oil , many CFD product soybeans, corn and other commodities, including.