Commodity Futures.

Commodity trading in the world and occupies an important position, many global investors, one of the favorite investment market.

AUDRN LIMITED mainly provides investors including crude oil, natural gas, corn, cotton and other commodities

Oil is a global energy commodity markets important product. With the price of crude oil will change daily market economy is developing rapidly. The world's largest oil-producing countries were Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Iran and China.

Flammable liquid oil is a naturally occurring, usually found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface. Crude oil can be separated and refined raw materials, can be made a large number of consumer products, such as gasoline, asphalt, heating oil, diesel, demand for these products will affect the price of crude oil. Thus, crude oil prices as the global supply and demand fluctuations.    

Oil is the "industrial production of blood", is an important strategic material. Since the crude oil futures market with price discovery, hedging and speculation specification properties, making trading volume has been showing rapid growth trend, becoming the world's most traded commodity.    

Light crude oil futures in New York Mercantile Exchange is the world's most liquid commodity crude oil trading, trading volume is also the world's largest physical commodity futures contracts. New York crude oil futures is the most important oil futures, crude oil as an important industrial raw product, which holds an important position, it is considered to be more price volatility of global economic leader.

Throughout the world commodity market trading trends, the price of agricultural products is the most strong species, the decline is far less than other industrial raw materials, commodities, and the earliest start bottoming out. In addition, it also has anti-inflation capacity, compared to other commodities more readily realizable investment and other advantages.    

Corn and soybeans are the world's most important, the most widely used food crops. In the past decade, global grain consumption has been higher than production, FAO experts predict: in the next 10 years, food production will continue in short supply, international cereal prices will exceed its historical average price, the price will rise by 20% to 2030 grain demand will increase 30-40 percent.

Main Commodity Futures Products.

Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称 Product 中文名称
Corn 玉米 Soybean 大豆 UK_OIL 英国布兰特原油
Cotton 棉花 Sugar US_OIL 美国西德克萨斯中质油